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Friday, March 7, 2014

Cure your 'immortal' Warts Easily for Under a Dollar!

The best methods for treating or curing anything are almost always cheap or free, and because nobody can patent or make money off them, you won't hear about it in the mainstream, you need to take the time to do your own research.
The application of apple cider vinegar is an age tested and effective trick used for removing warts from the body.  Some warts are very stubborn and act more like a parasite or worm that actually migrates subcutaneously through tubules within a persons hands or feet, extending into the thumb and fingertips or toes while laying spores or distributing virii throughout these tubules, so even if you do manage to kill it, it will pop up elsewhere within a day or two.  I had one of these stubborn ones for decades, and I've finally found the cure.  Most warts are easy to get rid of, mine was near impossible unless I immersed both of my hands entirely in vinegar for extended periods.  The problem was doing this in a way that didn't restrict my ability to do simple tasks like typing.  Medical gloves turned out to be the perfect solution.


1. Sealed Rubber Medical Gloves, or air tight bags for feet
2. Vinegar (Apple cider preferably)
3. Rubber bands lose enough not to restrict blood flow to the hands or feet

Place rubber bands over your wrist or ankles, making sure they do not stop blood circulation to your fingers or toes.  Secondly, put on your medical gloves and or bags.  Pour enough vinegar into the gloves or bags to prune your fingers or toes and to keep them thoroughly moist overnight.  Third, pull the rubber bands down over the top of the gloves so the liquid cannot escape.  The rubber bands don't need to be too tight, leaking shouldn't be a problem.  That is all there is to it.

I recommend doing this before you goto bed and to remove the gloves in the morning.  One night should be enough to kill any and all warts or parasites on your hands or feet, but if you have a reoccurring problem, you may want to reapply every night until your warts no longer persist.  The vinegar should kill the spores, virii and anything that allows the warts to spread.  You will experience pain everywhere there was a wart or tubule that existed in your hands and feet.  This is not the most comfortable experience but it will work and by immersing your entire hands it will kill off a lot of parasitic lifeforms that you may not even have known existed in your skin.  If you use plastic bags on your feet, make sure they are air tight.   You can leave the bags or gloves on for longer periods if needed, and you can wear them in your shoes without much problem. This method should work for plantar warts and other ones that are most difficult to remove and often require surgery.

Enjoy, I hope this helps!

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