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Friday, September 7, 2012

Cure Your cancer for a Buck

This video, overlooks some invaluable information, regarding the cancer killing combination of Molasses, baking soda and Yoga, which together can kill all cancers and severe fungal infestations of the digestive tract usually in ~1 week. I can attest to this fact because it worked for myself and many others. Cancer & fungi cannot survive in an oxygenated and alkalized environment. Oral intake of sodium bicarbonate offers an instant and powerful boost of blood pH into the alkaline. One teaspoon can raise the pH to around ~7.4. Maintaining a pH of ~7.4 effectively neutralizes the ability of cancers to grow and reproduce. Molasses acts as a kind of Trojan horse for the baking soda. Candida and cancer infestations will attempt to ingest the sugar rich Molasses as they do any sugar, except the oxygenating and alkalizing qualities of baking soda are taken in with the Molasses, effectively neutralizing the infestation at its very source all throughout the body, bypassing even the blood brain barrier. This is a natural and completely safe and effective kind of chemotherapy.

Yoga can amplify the effects of the bicarbonate soda / Molasses combination exponentially... by helping to oxygenate the body. Do not underestimate the power of Kundalini yoga. Just doing Kundalini yoga every day immediately after taking the baking soda molasses combo can cure most cancers alone. This is the Yoga video I used to cure mine: Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated body with a high ph.

There are many different treatments and cures for Cancer.  Search youtube for "juiced cannibis" and also watch the documentary "Run From The Cure." Eating raw marijana bud is one of the best cures for cancer... it goes good with nearly any food.  You can sprinkle it on your food dishes as you would oregano or other such spices.  There is also tried and tested miracle pharmaceutical cure for many kinds of cancers called DCA and it is extremely cheap.  Perhaps the most cost effective and all around beneficial method of treating cancer is to do a prolonged water fast, I recommend reading this brilliant article by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser, it changed my life.

If you find out you have cancer, the first thing to do is not to panic. Smile and take it on... cancer is a good motivator to eat well and get more exercise and change your daily habits. Cancer is the result of the bodies natural process of defending itself from environmental toxins, stress and bad diet. You take it seriously that you can cure it on your own, make a few adjustments here and there and you will cure it eventually. If the cancer is life threatening I recommend a combination of all the three above (DCA, Marijuana & Baking soda / Molasses with Yoga followed by a water fast) I personally do not recommend trusting anything a physician or a doctor says when it comes to cancer, they are hired killers as far as I am concerned.

This man cured his stage 4 colon cancer with molasses and baking soda in less than a week.

This is a bloody excellent article, must read on Baking Soda / Molasses cancer cure...

Yes Baking soda cures Candida.

Do some research on Chelation with cilantro, garlic, spirulina, chlorella, DMSA, MSM and clay or whatever combination you can mange to find Chelation pulls the heavy metals out of tissues and into the bloodstream where it eventually finds its way into the excretory system.  If you have an overgrowth of fungus, the heavy metals will be reabsorbed into the blood before they can escape your body. Fungus penetrates cell walls and grows through out the body, it recycles some 200~ carcinogens and heavy metals back into the bloodstream. If you do chelation combined with clay like bentonite or zeolite, and lots of fiber... it will actually bind with and pull the contaminates right out of your body. Heavy metal chelation can also reverse autism, one woman here states that she "used cilantro and chlorella on my son, who has a developmental delay and who the doctor thought he might be autistic. Now he's really catching up and he doesn't seem autistic at all."

Autism and many other ailments are often just the result of mercury and other heavy metal contamination of the body. How To Cure Autism and The Time Bomb Of Mercury Poisoning.

Even HIV Aids and Alzheimer's is treatable and potentially reversible using these same techniques listed above in combination with Coconut oil.  AIDS is a farce, and has been treatable for decades.

Coconut oil breakthrough treatment for HIV                   

Coconut oil cures alzhiemers.

Be your own doctor... do your own research, question everything, and take responsibility for your own health.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Security Protection Racket, Flame tip of the Iceberg: Cyber Espionage on the Rise

Now that the creators of Flame have disclosed their product in a blatant sales pitch to attract would be customers, Crowdstrike wants sell you their solution and save the whole world.  Why is CrowdStrike software already obsolete and worthless? Why should you avoid their products like the plague? Because the security industry is a racket and all they are looking to do is extort money for their products... and I will tell you why.

When was the last time you reverse-engineered all the PCI devices on your motherboard? After all it would be trivial for Intel to build in a back-door into their processors.  Even something as simple as: "if (rax == MAGIC_1 && rcx == MAGIC_2) jmp [rbx]"It's actually worse than you think. A CPU is too complex for a human to design on the physical level, so we have to rely on software to do the design. This software could be compromised without the knowledge of an honest engineer.  Back-doors can be installed directly into hardware components allowing root access to everything on the victims machine.  There is no software solution to these kind of back-doors.  In an ever changing dynamic digital world there is no final solution except to rely upon pencil and paper for all of your transactions. In the age of quantum entanglement even that won't get you very far.  Yes even those neurophone implants that direct electromagnetic audio signals into the brains of IDF commanders in order for them to communicate De-facto telepathically aren't gonna save ya either,  although it may cure deaf shell shock victims in the aftermath.  The only temporary solution is to only use hardware manufactured and programmed with trusted components or to implement hardware based redundancies which render all potential back-doors null and void.    Seeing that Intel is an Israeli based company, you should assume that there are hardwired back-doors in all civilian sector and non-domestic military products.  Keeping in mind that once they finally decide to activate these back-doors to send information over a network, then it is all over for them...   only during a time of war would the full extent of the damage caused by dormant unknown back-door variables become fully known.  The outcome of any global war in the 21'st century will be determined predominately by digital means and the degree in which so-called leaders care more or less about everybody except themselves.

Even if ones personal computer hardware is technically clean off the assembly line, with a basic understanding of programmable language, a hacker could conceivably install a back-door into any piece of hardware that contains an expansion ROM, or on-board ROM boot-chip.  Malware could be conceived that locates flashable hardware, saves a copy of the BIOS or firmware, and patches or re-flashes them with malicious code hooks, giving nearly undetectable hardware level access to intruders. This article explains in detail how by using a PCI card expansion ROM, and using only 200 bytes of code one can patch the kernel module of any Linux-distro and have complete administrator  control over the computer at the hardware level leaving absolutely no traces on the computer.  One would require hardware level anti-malware systems to detect such a back-door.

My computer was exhibiting the symptoms of a variant of Flame, which I documented here.  During this time my video-card was overheating, crashing the computer repeatedly.  The cards fan was completely out of control, speeding up and slowing down like it had a mind of its own.  The only solution seemed to have been re-flashing the firmware which suggests that the virus may have been resident in the firmware or video-memory and hijacking the GPU.  (Since the time of writing this article I've come across info suggesting that 'AMD has accused of poking holes in Windows security' and that quote, "Basically, that ATI driver has functionality that allows you to read and write kernel memory. It's either a bug or a feature of the driver. We're not sure why they're using it but because it's both signed and allowed to read/write kernel memory, any third party can use that driver to do the same thing" exposing OS kernel to hackers.

Wireless keyboard and mice signal's are easily intercepted... (Source)

Conceivably manufacturing companies could hide back-doors inside wireless mice and keyboards, activating the back-door 'easter egg' via sending a 'cheat code' to the wireless receiver.  Of course, the only people who would have VIP access to this kind of information are the moles programming and manufacturing the components, inserting them into the post-production line, and of course those with the motivation and money to implement these hardwired bugs in the first place.

If you don't think that manufactures would be willing to go to such lengths, keep in mind that manufacturers in Taiwan were caught producing external drives with a Trojan virus pre-installed on them which transmitted any data saved on the drives to online servers.  In 2006 Apple manufactured an IPod with a Trojan virus pre-installed.  Chinese manufactures are well known to manufacture counterfeit chips that on behalf of the US military, wound up installed in critical US military equipment.

In April of 2012 RuggedCom, a Canadian based critical communications infrastructure manufacturer recently bought up by Siemens,  in one of the most alarming revelations in the IT world, was discovered to have been manufacturing  software with a hardwired back-door easily accessible to anybody with the elementary know-how.

"equipment running RuggedCom's Rugged Operating System has an undocumented account that can't be modified and a password that's trivial to crack. What's more, researchers say, for years the company hasn't bothered to warn the power utilities, military facilities, and municipal traffic departments using the industrial-strength gear that the account can give attackers the means to sabotage operations that affect the safety of huge populations of people."

"It is esoteric, it is obscure, but this equipment is everywhere," he said. "I was walking down the street and they had one of the traffic control cabinets that controls stop lights open and there was a RuggedCom switch, so while you and I may not see it, this is what's used in electric substations, in train control systems, in power plants and in the military. That's why I personally care about it so much."

"The US Navy, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and Chevron are just three of the customers who rely on the gear, according to this page on RuggedCom's website."

"The backdoor uses the login ID of "factory" and a password that's recovered by plugging the MAC, or media access control, address of the targeted device into a simple Perl script, according to this post published on Monday to the Full Disclosure security list. To make unauthorized access easy, paying customers of the Shodan computer search engine can find the IP numbers of more than 60 networks that use the vulnerable equipment. The first thing users who telnet into them see, as the picture above demonstrates, is its MAC address.
"  (Source)

-Ed Note, Just take a glimpse at that last link, search for a power plant, police station, or oil refinery and you will have an idea of just how vulnerable the world is thanks to corporations like Siemens.

"Programmable logic controllers like these are used to operate machinery used in refineries and other critical infrastructure. Despite their sensitivity, manufacturers often decline to fix software flaws that could allow the devices to be remotely hijacked."

Quote, "Other forever day vulnerabilities date back as far as six years. A plugin added to the Nessus security scanner in 2006, for example, targets an FTP server that ships with the Modicon Quantum, a programmable logic controller made by Schneider-Electric. More than six years later, the back-door accounts hard-coded into the device remain.

Another buggy PLC that won't be fixed anytime soon is the Siemens's SIMATIC controller used in plants in the water, wastewater, oil, gas, and chemical industries. According to an advisory issued in September, "Siemens currently has no plans to patch this vulnerability," which stemmed from an overflow that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the targeted human-machine interface system.

Earlier this year, researchers discovered a series of additional vulnerabilities in the same product. Some of them, including default administrator passwords that are easy to recover, remain unfixed. Instead, "Siemens has changed the documentation to encourage users to change the password at first login." (source)

It should come as no surprise that Siemens colluded with the US and Israel to create the Stuxnet worm which was detected all across Japan months before the disaster at Fukushima.

While the US military is searching for Chinese built kill-switches in their junkware in their quest to massacre another innocent nation that actually knows how to run a country, and are not subservient to a Rothschild controlled private central bank...

The Hunt for the Kill Switch (source)

"Are chip makers building electronic trapdoors in key military hardware? The Pentagon is making its biggest effort yet to find out."

(cont)...Intel's new Sandy Bridge & Ivy architecture is openly sold with a built in remote kill switch and drive wiper  that could be flipped at the discretion of the Rothschild crime syndicate even if the computer has no Internet connection or isn't even turned on.  The new lineup even has a convenient remote BIOS back-door sold as a 'feature.'

Everything can be reverse engineered and hacked eventually... how long will it be before someone other than "Israel" gets their hands on the code to kill the CPU's? Is there any hands out there that could be worse than these people? Perhaps openly selling products with back-doors is an attempt to avoid class action lawsuits against their company when they decide to proactively disengage anti-asshole dissidents while they continue their legacy of corporate espionage.  If the general public doesn't hack the code first, the hook nosed black hats at Intel will certainly sell their secrets in due time, anything for a shekel.

The world public should file a class action lawsuit against Siemens and RuggedCom.  The only way to prevent these problems is to hit the perpetrators where it hurts, in the pocket... even if it simply means walking away from their crapware.  Israeli's don't like chess.  It would appear that the ideal world of the Zionist banker is to have the all of humanity running everything from one centralized monolithic power grid... a kind of high stakes game of Ganga where if you remove even the most redundant part, the entire system comes crashing down. Israel likes to call it the Sampson option.  All the safety mechanisms that could create a worthwhile product have been thrown out the window.  Anybody who believes in good faith that Microsoft, Intel, and Crowdstrike, or any of these security racketeers will protect you are wasting their breath and flirting with the loss of everything they seek to protect.  Its a two tiered system.  Israel is actively seeking to ensure that every weapons targeting system in the world has an  un-hackable IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) no-friendly-fire system implemented to protect the Jewish state, even if it means self-destruction of the unit.  Can Israel be certain that their own Submarines, Aircraft, Missiles and Tanks are not riddled with ticking time-bombs and back-doors? I am betting on the unexpected.  

While the evidence of what happened in the Gulf bubbles up from the bottom of the deep blue sea, and the evidence of what happened in Fukushima lies bleeding into the pacific, we can assume that any suspicious occurrence ranging from hardware malfunctions of stop lights at highway intersections, to aircraft crashes, to car accidents, to hardware failures, to monolithic industrial disasters like Fukushima and the Gulf oil spill are the result of greed driven corporate espionage caused by time-bombs and back-doors built into hardware components.  Planned obsolescence may be a better term in many instances... anything so the "donkey's" continue coming back for a shekel, as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in Israel would say.  "Better buy our crapware or somethin bad gonna happen to ya."

In 2007, when the Israeli air force invaded Syria and destroyed the al-Kibar site, Israel alleged that the site was harboring a nuclear reactor... however, subsequent inspections by the IAEA proved once again that every accusation coming from the usurping Jewish entity is a fabricated lie.  Some reports suggest that Syrian air radars malfunctioned during this period because of? You guessed it, a built in back-door within the CPU's used to power them.   Meanwhile the IDF unit involved with the development of Fuku-Stuxnet is pushing forward both offensive and defensive cyber warfare exercises, "establishing offensive capabilities and operations within Military Intelligence’s Unit 8200 and defensive operations in the C4I Directorate’s Cyber Defenders Division."

And this brings me onto the next bit.  I am beginning to suspect that Flame and other similar malware is downloaded directly from Microsoft's servers onto target specific machines as the Jewish mafia increases their cyber espionage activities against civilized nations and activists around the globe.

Could US cyberspies have moles inside Microsoft?Source 

Quote, "US government officials could be working under cover at Microsoft to help the country's cyber-espionage programme, according to one leading security expert. The warning comes in the wake of the Flame virus that targeted key computers in the Middle East, and in part used confidential Microsoft certificates in order to access machines. According to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at security firm F-Secure, the claim is a logical conclusion to a series of recent discoveries and disclosures linking the US government to 2010's Stuxnet attack on Iran and ties between Stuxnet and the recent Flame attack."

“The announcement that links Flame to Stuxnet and the conclusive proof that Stuxnet was a US tool means that Flame is also linked to the US government,” Hypponen said. 
It's plausible that if there is an operation under way and being run by a US intelligence agency it would make perfect sense for them to plant moles inside Microsoft “This makes you think that this breach of Microsoft's update system was done by the Americans and most likely a US agency, someone like the NSA,” Hypponen said.
“That must make Microsoft mad as hell that its most critical system, used by 900 million of its customers, was breached by fellow Americans.” End Quote.

Keep in mind that that F-Secure and other security companies claim to have had samples of Flame for years, but  have done absolutely nothing about it, "Mikko Hypponen, the well-regarded chief research officer at Finland’s F-Secure Oyj, told the Reuters Summit his company had a sample of Flame in 2010 and classified it as clean" Source 

Microsoft hands NSA access to encrypted messages: Report

New leaks by American whistleblower Edward Snowden show that Microsoft cooperated with the United States to give the National Security Agency access to the internet giant's encrypted data.The Guardian reported the top secret documents show that Microsoft gave the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NSA access to Skype video calls, Outlook and Hotmail accounts.

The main points as summarized in the Guardian:

Microsoft helped the NSA to circumvent its encryption to address concerns that the agency would be unable to intercept web chats on the new portal;

The agency already had pre-encryption stage access to email on, including Hotmail;

The company worked with the FBI this year to allow the NSA easier access via Prism to its cloud storage service SkyDrive, which now has more than 250 million users worldwide;

Microsoft also worked with the FBI's Data Intercept Unit to "understand" potential issues with a feature in that allows users to create email aliases;

Skype, which was bought by Microsoft in October 2011, worked with intelligence agencies last year to allow Prism to collect video of conversations as well as audio.

The company had previously denied helping the NSA. Microsoft said in a statement on Thursday that it only gave up customer data when it was done through government requests.

"To be clear, Microsoft does not provide any government with blanket or direct access to SkyDrive,, Skype or any Microsoft product," the company said.

"There are aspects of this debate that we wish we were able to discuss more freely. Thats why weve argued for additional transparency that would help everyone understand and debate these important issues."

Former NSA contractor Snowden, who is charged with espionage, is reportedly staying at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport. Earlier documents disclosed by Snowden revealed massive surveillance by the NSA including two major spying programs, one for gathering U.S. phone records and another, called PRISM, for tracking the use of U.S.-based web servers by American citizens and other nationals. Other documents have also shown that the U.S. government spied on European Union offices and Brazilian companies and individuals.  (Source)

Flame was detected in Hungary, Russia, and Iran only a month prior to the time of this writing.  This suggests that major security firms were working in collusion with the US and Israeli governments to remain silent about these weapons of mass destruction. Stuxnet was detected all across Japan just prior to the Fukushima disaster in which the emergency cooling systems of the Fukushima rectors failed to activate properly.   In fact, an Israeli firm was in charge of security at the Fukushima plant during the time of the disaster.  Iran and Japan should launch a joint investigation into this matter to see if the Jewish security firm and software created by these rogue intelligence agencies were the root cause for the greatest nuclear disaster in human history.  Latest reports indicate that Cesium 137 has been detected in some ~95% of the urine samples of individuals living within 200 kilometers from the Fukushima disaster area.

NSA spying never catches Israelis - Why not?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (L) & American whistleblower Edward Snowden


In 2011 Microsoft handed contracts to Israeli based firms to provide low level networking components in Windows 8.  Talk about your chutzpah:
Israel's Mellanox to Drive Windows Server 8, providing InfiniBand and Ethernet components to drive core Windows Server 8 functionality. Source

Microsoft has been colluding with the FBI and other intelligence agencies for years now.
Quote, "Back in 2008, Microsoft provided the U.S. government a technical “backdoor” to its browser, which serves the majority of users (over 60%). Backdoor access is undetectable by security software—it bypasses normal authentication (passwords, etc.), firewalls and other computer security devices. In other terms, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, the FBI and other security agencies can already eavesdrop on anyone using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser."(Source)

Skype logo

One module of Flame reportedly records and stores Skype conversations on victims computers and uploads the content to 'command and control' servers on the Internet.  Just days ago, Microsoft's windows update service installed Skype onto unsuspecting victims computers without their consent.  Microsoft MVP Lawrence Garvin confirmed yesterday that when leaving automatic updates enabled on your windows machine that quote "You have no control over what is installed -- right or wrong." If in fact Flame was a collaborative effort involving rouge elements within Microsoft as suspected, then we should expect that flame could very well be installed onto target specific machines directly from Microsoft's own servers. One source recently suggested that "the creators of these viruses have apparently managed to plant them on any PC they wanted to."  How do they know?

Who is behind flame? Ever heard of Crowdstrike?

"CrowdStrike launches in stealth-mode with $26 million Series A round led by Warburg Pincus"

We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

 —Jewish International Banker James Warburg on February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when they created the Federal Reserve act at Jekyll Island in 1910. He also later formed the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Remember him the next time you wonder why the dollar is so worthless.

CrowdStrike is a gang of security veterans with direct ties to the Warburg crime family, J.P Morgan and other major criminal financial firms working in collusion with elements within US Government, FBI, CIA, Private, and Israeli Military Intelligence Unit 8200 and defensive operations in the C4I Directorate’s Cyber Defenders Division, Microsoft, Mcafee, Google...etc.  

Elements of the CrowdStrike team oversaw cyber espionage directed against China in recent years.  Remember the debacle about Googles hacking allegations against China? Operation Aurora, Night Dragon, and Shady RAT in which these Jewish criminals constantly cried out in pain when they strike their victims? Keep in mind that Joogle itself is a tribe enterprise, read: The Jewish hand behind Internet - Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay.
Quote "Operation Aurora was a cyber attack which began in mid-2009 and continued through December 2009. The attack was first publicly disclosed by Google on January 12, 2010, in a blog post. In the blog post, Google said the attack originated in China. The attacks were both sophisticated and well resourced and consistent with an advanced persistent threat attack." snip "As a result of the attack, Google stated in its blog that it plans to operate a completely uncensored version of its search engine in China "within the law, if at all", and acknowledged that if this is not possible it may leave China and close its Chinese offices. Official Chinese media responded stating that the incident is part of a U.S. government conspiracy." Source 

Of course, citing a link directly from CrowdStrike's website "Google would like you to think of them as the dolphin in a vendor sea full of sharks. snip -But what they won’t do is hold your hand when you’re drowning in technical issues."

Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, (Moznaim Publishing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York, 1990, Chapter 10, English Translation), p. 184: "Accordingly, if we see an idolater (gentile) being swept away or drowning in the river, we should not help him. If we see that his life is in danger, we should not save him." The Hebrew text of the Feldheim 1981 edition of Mishnah Torah states this as well.
They create the problem, blame the victim, and claim to offer a viable solution, for a shekel of course... Co-Founder & CTO of CrowdStrike, Dmitri Alperovitch claims that "Some victims (China in particular) seem determined to deny they’ve been attacked, even when offered empirical proof that a smash-and-grab has taken place." ed note: Who could have proof of these so called smash and grab's but the people behind the them in the first place? China wont let these clowns near them.

"Don't worry, there is a ray of hope, CrowdStrike vows to Save the World From Flame Malware"

All these people seem to be useful for is creating more and more problems.  Even in the aftermath of the greatest man made disasters in history like Fukushima, they don't care... they project their incompetence on to people who actually know how to run a nation properly.  In fact Israel want's to see the same thing that happened at Fukushima happen to Iranians... nuke Iran's peaceful Nuclear power facilities and irradiate their ~80,000,000 population.   This sick and diseased mindset cares souly on the acquisition of temporary profits at the expense of others and anything of any real lasting value.  Human civilization as we have known it could be living in a kind of garden of Eden at this time, yet it is teetering on the brink of utter disaster because the people who think they know whats best for you are more concerned about creaming every last bit of imaginary profit from a dying empire than contributing to a future worth living in.  The people behind these crimes must be stopped and brought to justice before they take the civilized world down with them.

If you want security, I recommend checking out China's new Loongson CPU product line... hopefully Iran will start printing out their own CPU's for the general public as well.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Preventing State Sponsered Terrorism in the Homeland

Visit here regularly, this blog will keep an updated record of information regarding the US and Israeli Government's recent push to legalize state sponsored terror groups here in the West and around the globe.

The Ugly Truth Podcast April 7, 2012

If the above pic does not looks familiar to you, it soon will, because this is what is coming to America, courtesy of Israel and her new hired assassins, the MeK.

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has just written a new piece appearing in the New Yorker detailing how a USGOV-designated terrorist group–Mujahedin e Khalq (MeK) is receiving high tech training from JSOC, (the US Air Force’s Joint Special Operations Command) in the deserts of Nevada.

MeK is designated a terrorist group because, in additon to killing scores of Americans in Iran, it has also engaged in blowing up schools, churches, and other public places in Iran in order to make a political statement.

If they would do it against their own in blowing up schools full of Iranian children, how much inhibition do you think they have in blowing up AMERICAN schools full of AMERICAN children when ordered by Israel to do so?

We are once again joined by the one and only Mark dankof to discuss this latest very dangerous and frightening development.

Download Here

Seymour Hersh on U.S. Training of Terrorist MeK, "the Khalq" in Nevada (Podcast)

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh's April 6, 2012 "New Yorker" piece reports U.S. training of the anti-Iranian Mujahedin e-Khalq - listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization - in Nevada, and the political and monetary support the terrorist group has garnered from Democrat and Republican politicians intent on overthrowing the current Iranian government.

Download Here

US hints at way for MKO to get off terrorism list
MARCH 1'ST, 2012 5:33PM GMT
The United States has officially offered the anti-Iran Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization  (MKO) terrorist group a path to get off the US terrorism blacklist. (link)

Rudolph Giuliani: MKO Terrorists Are Only Hope to Stop Iranian Nuclear Program
MARCH 29'th, 2012 1:12PM GMT

The former mayor of New York says the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is the United States’ only hope to stop Iran's nuclear energy program through a military attack. (continue reading)

The EyeOpener- Meet the MEK: Washington’s Favorite Terror Cult

"These are not like the blue jeans-wearing, cash-paying, constitution-loving, third-party-candidate-supporting, picture-taking terrorists that the Department of Fatherland Security have been warning the American public about for years now. These are not the three-year-old boys in wheelchairs that the upstanding men and women of the TSA have been patting down as potential bomb-wearing suicide jihadis since 9/11.

No, these are the kind of terrorists that the Afghan mujahedin were back when they were the “freedom fighters” fighting the Ruskies in the 80s- before they became the Taliban of today. These are the kinds of terrorists like Saddam Hussein was when he was our man in the Middle East, gassing his Kurdish population with US-supplied weapons-before he refused to disarm his non-existent stockpile for Bush and Blair. These are our kind of terrorists.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett, presenting the MEK as another tool in the West’s arsenal to wield against the villain of the month- a pawn to be used in bombing, attacking and otherwise causing carnage in Iran, to be given a full-court press, and made to be known as the “good guys.”  -- Source

Meet the MEK: Washington's Favorite Terror Cult

The MEK is significant because it is tied to Israel. NBC has previously reported that the group “is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service” and has been linked to the killings of Iranian scientists.

The former officials under investigation include several prominent supporters of Israel in U.S. politics: former Atty General Michael Mukasey, former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean, and former PA Gov'r Ed Rendell, who lately appeared at a fundraiser for the Israeli army.  (continue reading)

If you liked the USS LIBERTY, the Lavon Affair, and the 5 dancing Israelis on 9/11, you’re simply going to LOVE the MeK


2012 Mark Glenn

Given the current climate in America, where all political creatures—both small and great—bear that infamous ‘mark’ indicating their 100% bona fides as hired guns for the Jewish state, it can only mean one thing when suddenly lots of them are found chorus-lining a cause whose sole beneficiary happens to be that same aforementioned ethno-theocratic enclave that has never considered America’s best interests to be anything of a priority…

…bad weather’s a comin’…

Remember, (as if we could forget) this is the same gang that schmoozed the American people into sending their sons and daughters off to fight and die in a needless (and illegal) war against Iraq that’s killed millions, destroyed the American economy and—following a close 2nd after Israel–made the United States the most-hated country on the planet…The same gang that justifies the $30 million a day the Jewish state receives in US taxpayer money (separation of church and state anyone???) on the basis that it’s ‘an investment in American security’…

And, of course, the same gang that told (tells) us with a straight face that the 9/11 attacks had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with America’s blind and unyielding support for that ethno-theocratic enclave who gets her kicks by perpetrating serial violence against those unfortunate enough to be living in close proximity to her, but rather because ‘DEM MOOZLEMS’ hate us for ‘our freedoms’…

With such a history then, no one should be particularly surprised when self-proven criminals position themselves for even more morally-obnoxious behavior.

After all, at the end of the day, that’s the way it is with ‘bad eggs’…Their behavior is a cancer of sorts that can neither stay put nor be self-contained, and must instead be constantly oozing into new cracks and crevices where it’s never gone before and where propriety forbids it.

And likewise with this ‘new and improved’ evil and the bad weather it portends, namely the current move by some politically-well-connected schmuckity-mucks to get an infamously-known terrorist organization reclassified in such a way that it’s then free to do what it does best, which is—surprise, surprise–perpetuating terrorism.

The group in question is the Mujahedin e Khalq, (MeK) designated by the government of Uncle Sam to be a terrorist organization since the early 1990s. An Iranian exile group, it received ‘honorable mention’ as a FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) by the USGOV not only because as a group it murdered in cold blood as many as 17,000 fellow Iranians, but several Americans as well.

In its repertoire of political violence, the MeK is credited with blowing up schools, mosques, churches, libraries, government buildings and various market places, in addition to the various ‘personalized’ assassinations it has performed, including (as assumed by those ‘in the know’) the 5 Iranian nuclear scientists murdered in recent years.

As such, the MeK being duly listed as an FTO by the USGOV means that receiving money from or advocating on behalf of this group is a federal offense, punishable by fine and/or imprisonment, just as it would be (and has been) for individuals convicted of providing ‘material support’ for other FTOs such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, etc.

And now, in underscoring just what a truly bizarro world we find ourselves living in, we have a whole gaggle of individuals—high profile ones at that–engaging in what can only be termed very open, blatant and in-your-face violation of this criminal statute, getting paid very handsomely in the process and without (as of this moment) so much as a polite tap on the shoulder from the long arm of US law enforcement…

And when we say ‘high profile’ we mean as high as an elephant’s ear, a short list of which includes—

–Former New York City Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani…

–Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey…

–Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Hugh Shelton…

–Former NATO Commander General Wesley Clark…

–Former FBI Director and federal prosecutor Louis Freeh…

–Former Philadelphia Mayor and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell…

–Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean…

–Former Pennsylvania Governor and Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge…

…again, to name but a few…

This in and of itself is highly problematic, for the simple reason that these well-educated individuals—some of them lawyers to boot—know full well about the laws forbidding them from doing exactly what they’re doing and yet, very cooly and confidently, they are doing it nonetheless. In at least one case we have the former Attorney General for the United States, Michael Mukasey, at one time singularly responsible for prosecuting those who violate US law, daring the U.S. Justice Department to come after him and his partners in crime, adding insult to injury by repeating George Bush’s infamous line ‘Bring it on’.

The obvious fin sticking out of the waterline in all this making the situation so menacing is indeed the very high profile these individuals enjoy. It is a general rule of thumb that politicians are self-serving cowards with absolutely no moral rudder and who won’t risk having their bacon fall into the fire unless the chance of material loss for such is 0% and the likelihood of profit hovering somewhere near 100.

Therefore, a gaggle of them throwing their chips in simultaneously on what would normally be considered very risky business can only mean one thing—the fix is in and they know it.

In short, they are ready, willing and able to engage in A VERY PUBLIC display of criminal activity, literally before the eyes of the world, because they have been reassured beforehand that the wheels of justice have had the air let out them and that nothing untoward will come their way by doing so.

As bad as this is however, having former Mayors, Governors, Attorneys General, Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs and Secretaries of Homeland Security, with malice aforethought brazenly violating U.S. law with regards to material support for terrorism, it gets much worse, as the list of supporters gets longer (and more ominous) by the day.

Besides the aforementioned chorus line of former something-or-others who aren’t at risk of losing any political office to either impeachment or a lost election, we now have an even more dangerous spice being added to the already-poisonous stew, namely rabidly pro-Zionist voices from within what we might call ‘the inner circle’ of organized Jewish interests giving their 2 shekel’s worth as far as ‘un-delegitimizing’ the MeK.

In particular we have Alan Dershowitz, infamous for many things obnoxious to civilized society but in particular loud-mouthing for the release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard, singularly responsible for as many as 1,000 deaths and for setting America’s national defense back in a manner not outdone even by the Rosenbergs. Next in line is Elie Wiesel, high priest and carnival barker of Holocau$tism and all its precepts as well as lead prosecutor for anyone daring to question the Jewish narrative viz a viz WWII. And, last but certainly not least, there is Irwin Cotler, former Canadian Minister of Justice, former Attorney General of Canada, one-time chief counsel to the Canadian Jewish Congress and once-upon-a-time personal legal advisor to Natan Sharansky, Jewish supremacist extraordinaire who never encountered a slaughter of Arabs he didn’t like.

Now, the criteria making this latter aspect in pushing to have the MeK legitimized so dangerous is that all the three aforementioned very powerful Jewish political voices also sit on the Board of Advisors to an infamously-known adjunct of Israeli intelligence known as the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI.

MEMRI is the brainchild of—

(1) Yigal Carmon, a former colonel in Israeli military intelligence, and

(2) Meyrav Wurmser, the Israeli-born wife of David Wurmser.

Those who recognize the name David Wurmser in relation to all the chaos taking place in the Middle East certainly should, for in addition to being V.P. Dick Cheney’s chief Middle East advisor he is also one of the chief capos responsible for drawing up the ‘Clean Break’ document written for Netanyahu laying out in frightening detail all the war, regime change and unrest seen in the Middle East since 9/11.

As an interesting and highly-relevant side-note, Wurmser was also the subject of an FBI investigation related to his espionage activities for—surprise, surprise–Israel.

MEMRI’s chief purpose is to fan the flames of conflict between the West and Israel’s enemies by providing ‘translations’ of various articles and broadcasts within the Arabic and Farsi speaking world. We use the word ‘translations’ in quotation marks here because it is well-known in both intelligence and media circles across God’s green earth that MEMRI is often (always) found playing fast and loose with the facts in jinning up a picture that bears little resemblance to fact-based reality.

Those who may not recognize the acronym ‘MEMRI’ nevertheless know its work intimately, for it is this outfit directly responsible for the deliberately-mistranslated ‘wipe Israel off the map’ statement attributed to Iranian Prez Ahmadinejad that has now doubtless been verbally regurgitated millions of times the world over.

So, the fact that we now have added to the chorus line 3 individuals–for all intents and purposes acting as representatives of an adjunct to Israel’s Mossad–agitating for legitimizing a USGOV-designated terrorist organization puts the entire picture in a completely different light.

In short, this is NOT a drill people.

We can now see plainly that the push to have this group freed of all legal impediments to it being able to travel freely and raise money is a top priority as far as Israel is concerned. Whereas the warm-up act featured American politicos schmoozing the audience so as to give it an ‘American’ character rather than an Israeli one, now we have the ‘main event’—meaning the Jewish state herself–stepping forward and giving the entire endeavor its Kosher stamp of approval as well.

As far as dorsal fins go, this entire drama in pushing to have the MeK legitimized indeed says a lot about what is going on beneath the surface.

In the first case, there is the brazen contempt for the rule of law by individuals who have made pandering to the patriotism of the American people something of a vaudeville act. For individuals of the aforedescribed caliber to be coming forward—IN FRONT OF CAMERAS, MICROPHONES AND MULTIPLE WITNESSES—where everything they do and say can be used against them in a court of law, and yet without the slightest hint of concern for any prosecutorial blowback in them throwing their lot in with an officially-designated terrorist organization shows how impotent the system is whenever Israeli interests are involved.

Not that we should be that surprised, when, after all, it was this same system that absolved Israel of her deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY that resulted in 34 American servicemen being killed, and the same system that sent back the only arrestees on the morning of 9/11—the 5 dancing Israelis–who later admitted on Israeli television that they were Mossad and that they had been sent to America to ‘document the event’.

Indeed, Ariel Sharon was not shystering anyone when he quipped years ago that ‘We control America, and the Americans know it.’

But the one thing, the one question that should keep all persons ‘round the world awake at night, fearing for the events of the following day, is that 3-letter word that will eventually speak volumes as to the exact nature of the true paradigm at work in all this—


WHY, is Israel so interested in having the MeK removed as a terrorist organization, so much so that she is willing to throw some of her ‘best’ people out there? What’s the upside for her?

Well, again, let us consider what the MeK does and why it is listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the USGOV—


As demonstrated by the events and aftermath of 9/11 and as Israel understands all too well, terrorism works. A frightened people, traumatized by an event or a series of them, are as easy to corral as sheep. All anyone need do is consider the disasters wrought against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan as proof of this fact.

So, at a time when the intellectually-paralyzing effects of 9/11 are beginning to wear off, when Americans are looking forward to closing the book on a decade of war and getting back to the business of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, it may very well be that what Israel needs in order to keep that book open and start a new chapter in her ‘Clean Break’ series is a 9/11, Pt II.

The trouble is, as a result of her KNOWN direct involvement in 9/11 and a growing awareness on the part of not only concerned citizens worldwide, but more importantly, intelligence and law enforcement services in various countries considered targets for Israel’s notorius penchant for blowing things up and then blaming it on someone else, she and her agents cannot move as freely as they once did. They are watched, they are followed, hell, sometimes they are not even permitted entry into certain countries.

But individuals—highly trained individuals (as Seymour Hersh recently reported in an issue of the New Yorker) from the recently legitimized MeK can travel. In fact, they are in a special class all their own, given their status as ‘persecuted’ political refugees, since the Iranian government would hang them as soon as they entered that country.

The MeK can travel, and in the process, the membersof this terrorist organization can put all that training they received from Israel and the U.S. to good use, such as in–

–Blowing up schools, mosques, churches, libraries, government buildings and various market places, just as the MeK did in its own country and against its own countrymen. If the perpetrators are caught, they have Iranian names and–given the mind-control conditioning already established as a particular aspect of MeK membership—would confess to having carried out these acts of terrorism on American soil (or wherever) at the behest of the Iranian government.

After all, that is what the MeK does. They are a 3,500-member army of Manchurian Candidates, trained in assassinations, explosives and the use of terror against civilian populations. The fact that innocent women and children may be involved means nothing. Only 1 0r 2 events where schools have been shot to pieces or blown up with dozens of dead children and the next thing you know the American people are SCREAMING for more war, and of course, against the country showcasing as the next chapter of Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘Clean Break’ series—Iran.

Last year, Elizabeth Rubin, a New York Times Magazine contributor reported from Camp Ashraf, Iraq, where the MeK is currently marooned, writing an Op-Ed where she criticized the MEK’s American advocates and characterized the group as “a totalitarian cult that will come back to haunt us.”

And indeed, that appears to have been the plan all along.