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Monday, May 16, 2011

Open Letter to Canadian Parliament: Israel kills protesters on Nakba Day

Sent out to 411 members of Parliament, straight simple from the heart:

It’s time for Canada to find the political will to sever all economic, political, and diplomatic ties with Israel for its illegal and genocidal behavior it has been practicing upon the pitifully defenseless civilian population of Palestine.  Until Israel finally stops slaughtering its neighbors, grows up and begins to behave like a legitimate nation, then every direct action made to halt Israels Nazi Germany style occupation must be undertaken.  On May 15'th 2011 Israeli troops opened fire on Gazan’s marching on Erez border crossing the coastal strip's northern border with Israel.  A journalist suffered critical injury from Israeli fire in the northern city of Beit Hanoun.  Two Palestinians died and scores were wounded by Tel Aviv fire in the occupied West Bank. In Syria's Golan Heights, at least 12 protesters were killed and 30 wounded by Israeli military fire.  In Lebanon, Israeli forces killed six protesters, injuring 71 others, 13 of them seriously.  One person had been killed and at least 150 hurt in the Qalandiya village near the city of Ramallah in central West Bank.  These were unarmed protestors, all these freedom fighters were doing was singing, marching and waving flags in support of their ancient homelands as they are recognized by upwards of 95% of the international community… nearly everywhere but Canada.

We Canadians of conscience condemn these atrocious behaviors committed by the Israeli Defense Forces.  I am appalled that the Canadian government continues to humiliate itself by supporting an illegitimate genocidal occupying force.  An illegitimate occupying force of individuals who, once in concentration camps in the 1940s, now run the largest outdoor concentration camp on planet earth, 10x the size of anything Hitler could have imagined.  We demand that the Canadian government condemn such acts of indiscriminate violence upon the indigenous population of Palestine.  This is the 21'st Century and its about time the global community started behaving like it.

Eretz Israel +You = Any Questions?

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