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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Letter to Stephen Harper: Eretz Israel + Stephen Harper = Any Questions?

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  1. Dear Ravenise,

    I am an Canadian expat living in Sweden for twenty years.

    This montage of the evils of zionist israel is superb. I fully support your work to get the truth out to all Canadians of the genocide of Palestinians.

    Concerning the latest invasion of Libya:

    This can be the start of the 3rd world war.
    China is vocally against the allies invasion of Libya.
    Putin is against it but the Russian president is for it.
    Turkey and the league of Arabs are against it.

    And here is the game breaker. Germany has pulled out of NATO because it is against it.
    After years of financial compensation to world jewry and to israel for an event that was exagerated to the point of becoming a 6 million gas chamber lie, Germany has had enough.

    I applaud them.

    The allies (read zionist controlled nations) can very soon find out the rest of the world has had enough of Rothschild and international fractional banking and of Rothschildlandia itself.

    My prediction:

    israel is going to be blown off the map and the land returned to the real semites, Palestinians, arabs, Bedouins as it was before the 100% false Balfour declaration.

    Bye, bye israel, I would be a hypocrite if I said I will miss you.